5 Ways to Get Rid of the ‘Ugh’ in the Kitchen

5 Ways to Get Rid of the ‘Ugh’ in the Kitchen

The truth is, so many people don’t like cooking, because it is just another decision they have to make.

They feel they have to be creative or unique with every meal, but there are ways around this!


  1. Let go of being perfect!
a. You are human and doing the best you can every day! 
b. Be kind to yourself!

2. Meal plan and prep: You can remove the boring from your meals by cutting up your veggies, portioning out your protein and grains for the week ahead. This way you remove the, ‘ugh’ I have to cut up veggies and wait for the rice to cook!! You can go right into cooking and you can be eating within 10 minutes too!

3. Theme your meals: Even if you don’t make a complete themed meal, it will make it whimsical and help with getting conversations started – i.e. not turning on the TV.


Mexican night: Simply put out a salsa with your meal.

Making salsa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOo0bQnOqHs&t=27s

Salsa recipe:




Make it an Italian pasta night!

Pick your sauce:
Pesto, Marinara or Alfredo

Asian stir-fry!


Add a bit of curry to your favorite meal:

Recipe ideas: Chicken pot pie or coleslaw



4. I know we get into mindless routines when we make dinner, but why not change it up? If you always make the sides get someone in your family to switch the main meal with you. Share the duties. Get everyone involved. You will notice the time will go by much faster!


5. Invite people over or on a zoom call for a simple impromptu meal. Friends, family or a neighbour. Make it a potluck or share recipes. This way you get to try something new too.


What are your ways in removing boredom?

I would love to meet up for a virtual coffee if you every want to chat about meal plans, prep and bringing fun back into your kitchen!


Kandice Doucette



Meal Prep Coach

Independent Epicure Leader


Happy Healthy Women Trailblazer 


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