A perfect meal solution

A perfect meal solution

Let’s talk about how tacos are a perfect meal solution that you can make your way!

I am sure you've seen all the posts out there saying it is Taco Tuesday, or if you're like me, you'll eat tacos any day.

As they are super quick to make, there are vast amount of options out there to try with the wraps, protein and veggies that you can make to own tastes and a great way to use up leftovers!!

Let’s start with what is a Taco. As per the dictionary: A Taco is a Mexican street food in a form of wrap like a tortilla, filled with various blends of protein and veggies! Based on this definition yes there are infinite versions of tacos out there!

Whether you call it a taco or a wrap there are so many delicious versions you can create with so many seasonings, different proteins and veggies mixtures.

Check a few variations you can give a try!

The standard ground beef with tomatoes and lettuce.


Pork or chicken Tacos – baked, slow cooker, stir-fried in your favourite seasonings then topped with your favourite veggies:



Fish Tacos: You can use tuna, salmon, white fish and shrimp! The list is endless!

Delicious Fish tacos with coleslaw:


Shrimp made wit BBQ sauce:


Vegan Tacos – try lentils, black beans, jackfruit, tofu



What about the wrap? Have you tried making them with lettuce, cabbage or eating them naked?

You can make your own! Check out the corn tortilla recipe:  


What about zucchini boats?


Any seasonings you love can be used on all forms of protein.

Use pulled pork or chicken seasonings, use taco or fajita seasonings on jackfruit, lentils, fish and ground cashews!  

What’s your favourite way, is it with tortillas or in lettuce?

What’s your favourite seasonings to use, is it Pulled Chicken or Taco?


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