Don't Throw Away the Bruised - Vegetables I mean!!

Don't Throw Away the Bruised - Vegetables I mean!!

Don't throw out your bruised and soft vegetables, instead cook them down


into sauces or use for meal enhancers!

Freeze them in ice cube trays or molds! 

When you go to make pasta sauce, soups, stews and even

stir-fries through one in to enhance the flavours!



Stock up on your own homemade sauces and broths!!


I cooked down our soft and bruised tomatoes in

Epicure's Marinara seasonings. I then froze t

he sauce in our ice cube mold.

Now we have marinara sauce to add to any dish!!

For making our own pizza sauce, dipping sauce or even stuffed peppers!


What vegetables do you end up throwing out a lot?


Ask me or check out your favourite recipe website!

I know there is away to save them even if you only have 20 minutes to spare!


I just love that we all can take our favourite spices, seasoning and just create delicious food!!

Contact me today for your free cooking class!!⠀


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Kandice-Lee Doucette is our Etobicoke Branch Director and an Independent Epicure Consultant.

Her vision is helping people discover that eating clean and healthy can be truly easy and tasty with an array of delicious whole foods without fillers, artificial flavours, MSG while saving you money, time and producing less waste!

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