Entertaining in a Flash!

Entertaining in a Flash!

We all get invited to one event or another at someone’s home throughout the year, things like; potlucks, dinners, backyard BBQ’s and birthday bashes!! 

We all of course want to bring something for the host too. 

The main dilemma is thinking up something delicious that everyone will like, that is super quick and doesn’t cost a lot, isn’t another bottle of wine and can be transported easily! 

Whew, that is a lot to put a dish!! 

It is possible, I say!! 

I use the same philosophy that if I can serve is to quests who drop by unexpected I can take it with me to all those events too! It all has to do with how stocked and organized your pantry is! Having items in your pantry like cans of chickpea, black beans, olives and tomatoes can create numerous amount of great entertaining meal ideas! 

Let’s take chickpeas for example. The first option is homemade hummus which takes 5 minutes or so if you have a food processer or a blender. 

You can also make chickpea salads; like Lemony Chickpea Salad or Curried Couscous, Chickpea and Cranberry Salad.

Another option with chickpeas is making Falafels or Pakoras! Keeping meal solutions on hand is a great way to handle what to eat!! These two packages take very little whole food ingredients to make! For the Falafels you need a package, with hot water and lemon! Once it sets you can pan fry or bake them! The same goes for the Pakoras it only has one more ingredient needed which is 3 cups of shredded veggies! You can have great finger food ready to go in a matter of minutes! 

Salsa is another huge hit for these events that you can make in under 5 minutes! Grab either the Poco picante salsa seasonings or the Pico salsa seasonings based on whether you like it hot or mild, mix in your chopped tomatoes or peppers or mangos and away you go! 

Let’s talk about dips and how to spice them up to make them fancier!! 

We have a whole sleuth of dip flavours to choose from like Extraordinary Cheese Dip tm  which is all three of the best sellers combined!! Lemon Dilly, CCB and 3 Onion! 

French Onion, Roasted Red Pepper and Guacamole to name a few of our dip mixes! All just take a few ingredients to make it your own delicious and most requested dip to serve!!

Come jump on the Meal Plan and Prep Wagon with us!! 


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