Going For Your More

Going For Your More

You know there is more… you keep trying to reach it… and it keeps slipping away.
No matter what you tell yourself, the new plans you draw up, nothing seems to change. You keep ending up back where you started, more demoralized than before.

As you doubt your abilities, I challenge you to ask yourself a new question. Instead of the constant repeat of – Why me? Why do other people have it easier? Blah blah blah -> ask yourself:

How can I?
How could you?
The biggest snarl tooth holding you back from your more, is trying to do more with the same skills, the same foundation on which you have relied on before. By trying to build a skyscraper on the foundation designed for a single home, all you get is a pile of rubble when the foundation fails.
So, you say you want more… then build the foundation that can hold more, the foundation that can hold the tallest building in the world; even if you’re only at a 2-story home right now. Lay foundation that can hold and foster your ideas / dreams / wishes / goals as they grow and expand beyond what you can imagine right now.
How do you lay a foundation you wonder? Start by asking:
How can I?

What needs to happen such that you could? Who do you know that has done similar? Who could you reach out to begin the conversation?
And at the end of the day, you are going to discover a skills gap, between the you of now, and the you of More. Which makes it simple to up-level your life, simply build new and strengthen existing skills.

Foundations crumble and structures collapse when as soon as an idea pops into you head, you go and try to do it, naively relying on your talents, which have about as much strength as a bag of marshmallows. Everything crashes and burns, you end up discouraged and begin to think all sorts of limiting beliefs about yourself and why you can’t… when all you really need to do is realize that you skipped a step. The build the skill for the new things step.

That’s it, you’ve simply been missing a step in the process, okay 2 steps -> identify the skill you need & build the skill. Add them in, and you’ll be good to go 😊
And here you go, the 4 + 1 step process to finally achieving the more you are craving.
How Can I __________? Gap Analysis and Brainstorm Options
Fill the skill gap by doing.
Success!!! Celebrate!!!
(Up level even more)


Shannon heals fractured systems to wholeness guiding you to embrace that by healing your own fractures you become able to heal the world around you, where would you love to see more peace, calm, joy and fun? And know it was possible because you healed yourself?
Contact Shannon now to begin your own journey to your more.

Shannon is also honoured to be the Branch Director for HHW Central Toronto, Ontario.

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