Hangry Issues? 5 Tips To Manage It...

Hangry Issues? 5 Tips To Manage It...

Let’s talk about the lion in the room!

You know the one that creeps up on you, because you didn’t eat breakfast or
skipped lunch…

Maybe you picked at your kids’ plates, or only had coffee all day... Then you come home and every noise or piece of clothing on the floor sets you off roaring.

That is hangry and we all deal with it, but it can be helped! You can appease your inner lion – and here some tips:

1) Be aware of when this lion comes out. Keeping a food journal really helps


2. Have water with you at all times. Quite often, feeling hunger pains is actually your body feeling dehydrated.


3. Have snacks with you on days you are out and about. Snacks like fruit, veggies,
granola bars or my favourite Superhero breakfast cookies.

4. Have food to snack on when you walk into your home, while you are getting
everybody ready or starting on dinner. I have celery or apples set aside for this.

5. The BEST way – have 3 balanced meals during the day.
Your meals should have protein, veggies, fibre and healthy fats. The combination of these all together help with digestion and providing energy to the body.

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