How Chicken Broth Led Me To My Freedom

How Chicken Broth Led Me To My Freedom

For years, I had been moving away from boxed, processed meals.

Away from soda.

Away from fast food.
Little by little, bite by bite.

I wanted to remove excess sugar, and I knew diet was a huge influence on my health especially with Endometriosis. I knew I wanted to stay away from products filled with extra estrogen and other unnecessary chemicals.

I would have said at that time that I indeed did eat clean. Yet, I still had migraines. I was still beyond exhausted and frustrated.

I then went on an elimination diet to remove inflammation, and what I found was all the convenient pre-made sauces, dressings and broths were countering all the fresh veggies and lean protein I was eating.

The amount of MSG, sodium and harmful chemicals were stopping or hindering the good nutrition I was putting into my body.

So, I started to make some even greater changes. With something as simple as Clean Chicken Broth, I was able to see huge transformations by moving away from store bought liquid broths to using Epicure’s dehydrated, nutritional enhanced, clean and low sodium version. It was like night and day and I remember saying WHAT??!! I need more of this!!

I would order 4-6 bottles at a time from my consultant who is now my business mentor. (Yes – loved it so much I started sharing the products and all of the benefits as well!)


Since the broth was changing my life, I decided to try the salad dressings and seasonings and I started making more meals, different flavours, more options...all while decreasing my migraines to zero!


Check out this Comparison chart:

Chicken Broth



855mg of sodium per cup

80 mg of sodium per cup

Contains gluten


6L cost is $17 (which is sale price of $2.50/box)

Source of 8 essential vitamins and minerals

Often goes bad before can use it all

Contains turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties 


Makes over 6L for $12


You only make what you need





2250mg of sodium per pack (for 1lb chicken)

60mg of sodium per 1lb of chicken

Cost $2.50/ meal or package

Cost $1.87/ meal or package


Pulled pork/ Chicken:

Club house 


3900mg of sodium per package (2-3lbs meat)

80mg of sodium per package (3lbs meat)

20g of sugar

Zero sugar

First & second ingredients are brown sugar & salt.



Are you looking to clean up your pantry, but don’t want to spend a fortune?

Do you want to eliminate sugar, sodium or other items from your diet, but don’t want to feel deprived?

Are you looking to get your bearings in your kitchen?

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You will walk away feeling empowered as you know you are in control of your health!

You will shine in the kitchen as now it works for you!

You will be helping your wallet and the environment with wasting less!

You will realize just how much you do have to do the things you love!

You will be able to apply these skills and tools to other aspects of your life!

You will be aware of what makes you feel good and desire more of it!

You will be filling your cup up with self-love that you can share with those you love too! 


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