I Like Big Pans and I Cannot Lie!

I Like Big Pans and I Cannot Lie!

I am a HUGE fan of one pot and one pan cooking!
- I don’t have to worry about paying attention to more than one pot on the stove!
- I don’t have to wash more than 1 pot too!
- I can set and forget it!

One sheet cookie pan is top on my list as I can throw it into the oven and do other things too!

I recommend getting yourself a Seamless aluminum sheet pan.
One that fits in your oven the best or grab two small pans!

- Seamless aluminum evenly holds and distributes heat.
- Durable but lightweight.
- Rolled edges make it easy for gripping.
- For easy clean up, pair with the Bake & Roll when you don’t want to wash it all
- Versatile for your meal prepping, entertaining and saving your food!!

Here are a few examples of what you can do with them:
-Make cookies, scones and crackers
-Bake oven fries and other seasoned veggies
-Roast meat and fish
-Make a batch of homemade granola
-Freeze fruit and veggies with no clumps
-Use as a catch all drip tray

What I have made with my large cookie sheet pan:
-Fish Dinner
-Sheet Pan Easy Fajitas
-Sheet Pan Mediterranean Chops
-Sheet Pan Chicken Souvlaki
-Sheet Pan Quinoa & Spinach Salad
-Sheet Pan Easy Asian Meatballs

The list goes on and on!!
What do you use your pan for?


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