Kick the Perfectionism Out of the Kitchen!!

Kick the Perfectionism Out of the Kitchen!!

I know I keep preaching about how not to be perfect in the kitchen, just enjoy making your food and make it the way you like it. Stop trying to make it look like a perfect chef’s plate or anything like that.

What can I say? I say these things as I am dealing with perfectionism too.
We all have similar problems as we all grew up: we needed to be perfect. That we needed to be the perfect daughter or son, the perfect student and a perfect friend. As we grew up and went on to workforce we applied the same rules and aimed to be the perfect employee or a perfect team member. The list goes on.
I am also sure quite a few people are going to read this and say they don’t do this! Not me I don’t aim for perfectionism! I would say that is great, but are you sure are you looking at every aspect of your life? I am just saying that maybe, just maybe your rebellious attitude is your way of aiming for perfectionism. I see this in myself and those I love too.

We wear perfectionism on us like badges of honour! When the time comes for you like it did me you will want to shred that badge and let your ego go. You will want to shine as you really are – perfectly imperfect AKA human!!
Now when you hear or see me say things like enjoy your food as you make it, enjoy the messiness of it and the beauty of the nourishment it provides you will see what I am really trying to say!!

We are all beautiful and perfectly imperfect! I love you for who you are and the meals you make are amazing – you are a MEAL PREP WHIZ!!


Kandice Doucette
Meal Prep Whiz

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