Member Spotlight! New Trailblazer Lisa Pezik

Member Spotlight! New Trailblazer Lisa Pezik

We are beyond excited to get to know our newest Burlington Trailblazer & Business Dynamo!! 


Q. Describe your business, career, and what you do in a few sentences.​​

A. As a global business strategist, content expert, professional speaker, and published author, I help entrepreneurs ignite their business online for more impact and income.


Whether you’re currently running an offline business and need to get online, or you’re not experiencing the growth as fast as you want currently online, my systems fast track your growth, and ensure you’re building a business that’s aligned with who you are and how you want to live and serve others.


Q. What ignited the spark in you to start your business venture or to make significant changes in an existing business? How did the idea for your business come about?

A. In 2016, I was pulling out of a parking lot, distracted, overwhelmed, and upset with the text messaging rolling into my phone. I was shaking and crying, but something in my gut said STOP. I slammed on my breaks, the seatbelt slammed across my chest and just as I looked up, I saw the WHOOSH of the transport truck, fly by, just missing me. It was the moment that made me say enough is enough; Enough with listening to the external and internal critics and enough with doing what’s comfortable.


I created my first funnel in business around health and wellness and my online brand boomed. I experienced the power of online marketing, generating passive income, and gift of freedom of time. Now it’s my mission to help others do the same.


Q. What sets you apart from other companies/ entrepreneurs in your line of work? 

A. My husband and I coach together. He’s a graphic and web designer, marketing and lead generation specialist, and I love coaching content, copy, video, social media, and value ladder creation. We are able to bust roadblocks quickly as we are a one-stop shop for all things on the online business and brand space. Gone are the days of outsourcing to web, copy, tech, image, and video specialists and coaches. We cover it all and you don’t break the bank in the process.


Q. What would you say are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur/business?

A. Resilience. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart!  You have to be willing to play the long game and continually tweak, test, learn, and re-implement to make things the best you can for the customer. Not every launch, pitch, or promotion is a winner. That’s all part of the game.


Networking. Not exchanging business cards or having a brief chat online, but really getting to know the players around you so you can create soulful synergies and do your best work by breaking barriers together.


Practice. I think of entrepreneurship like a sport. You have to be ready for the big game. Whether that’s a speech, presentation, launch, or phone call, you have to deliver the goods with excellence, and that only happens when you’ve practiced daily.


For me, that’s exercising, eating healthy, sleep, continually learning and launching, writing and speaking everyday, and networking. Rinse and repeat!


Q. What book has inspired you the most? 

A. I recently read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and there is a part in the book where she says that ideas float around, and if it hits you, you must take action, or that great idea will move onto someone else.  I love that concept. Action beats intention any day!



Q. What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

A. December of 2017, I was supposed to speak at a HUGE conference in London, England. One week before the conference, and 3 days before I was about to get on a plane, the organizer (I believe) fabricated a story about why she couldn’t run the day, and cancelled. I had planned for this day for 6 months and it was going to be the first time I launched my group-coaching program from stage. I was so upset!


Other presenters cancelled their trips, but my hubby and I decided to go and that’d we run a webinar instead. Hubby thought I was NUTS trying to do an online launch in another country where we didn’t know if technology would be on our side.The webinar was a hit!I generated 2k in sales in one hour, and I ended up hosting a mini mastermind event with a colleague at a hotel which there. It opened the door to other opportunities this year for me.


Things don’t always go to plan, but when you have an online business, frameworks, stories, and a product to sell, you can be profitable and powerful from anywhere.



Q. What has been your biggest failure and how did you overcome it?

A. When I was on maternity leave (still working my 9-5) with my son, I decided to go balls to the walls crazy in that year “off.” and build my online brand in fitness and wellness.  I was so desperate to “not go back” that I missed the magic of that year. I was always mom first, and loved that time, but I wasn’t present. I was always thinking about my to-do’s, and my clients, and my launches. Building a business should give you the freedom of time, not steal it, and I had to own my choices and realize that I was creating that reality.


Now, I block time and I’m much more focused, I have an assistant and team that help, and I don’t book ANYTHING outside 9-3 when my son is at school. I’m there to pick him up and drop him off and always put him to bed. I simply say NO first if it interferes with family time. You have to know what you are and aren’t willing to sacrifice and sometimes we learn that the hard way!


Q. What kind of culture exists in your organization and how did you establish this?

 A. Open communication, fun, and respect. Even though I have a team, I see everyone as equals and peers and I don’t micro-manage. Let people do what they are best at!


I also treat clients and peers as family/friends. Some people say don’t cross that line, but I want you to know that the cuffs match the collar or heels match the dress and vice versa, and the only way you can develop that trust is when you get to know people.


Q. What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur?

My inner circle has shifted so much! I don’t like to bucket or label people, but I realized that I have my acquaintance friends, some of the time friends, and growth friends. Growth friends are people who make you better, challenge you in a good way, have goals of their own, are driven, and continually learn. You up your game around them. I had to seek out and create those friends in my life, and start saying “no” to others. You have to stay in your own lane and know that sometimes you may upset others when you make change. Not everyone is going to understand and be supportive, and that’s ok!


Q. How have you changed since becoming a successful entrepreneur?  

A. I’m 100lbs lighter. I jump out of bed excited for the day. I’ve released weight, doubt, and fear. Not everyday is sunshine and rainbows, but I can now find the rainbow in any situation. I appreciate the simple thing in life and the freedoms I have.


Q. Excluding yours, what company or business do you admire the most?

 A. My mentor Bo Eason is the most selfless and generous coach I know.I also really admire Chalene Johnson. She keeps it real.


Q. Where do you see yourself and your business in 10, 20 years?

 A. I see my family and I living in PEI at our beach home. My husband and I lead two mastermind retreats somewhere exotic around the world and I speak at 2 events around the world (we love to travel.)


I see myself as a best selling author and I see myself as having an amazing team around us who help carry the mission.I see a little bit of intentional work and networking, but a whole lot of play with our kids.


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