Organization and Meal Prep

Organization and Meal Prep

Organization is key to staying on plan!

I truly believe having a clean and well organized working area is crucial to success, whether it be meal prepping or even running your biz!
The more time you spend cleaning and trying to find everything on the day of, the more likely you will give up!!
It will take too long!! It will be stressful!! Too many distractions!

Also, it maybe that you spend more money than you need on new gadgets, tools and so forth just because you can’t find anything!
Plus, waiting to get the new gadget makes for a great excuse!! Let’s work on getting rid of those excuses and get right into what matters.

I am all about the meal planning, so let’s dive right into that habit.

Once you start on the plan of meal prepping you are going to want to have a running list on hand! I use an app and a food journal to help us be organized, so I don’t get started on meal prep thinking I have lots of chickpeas or frozen veggies on hand to only find out the pantry and freezer are empty.
- Organize your pantry and shelves for easy access to your go-to staples, tools and gadgets
- Blenders and food processers are extremely useful for everyday cooking and baking.
- Figure out what pots and pans you really use and either put the others away or get rid of them.
- Keep your counters clean and unobscured as you can. Only keep on the counters kitchen tools/gadgets you use daily or weekly!

This works for so many habits we try to take on!
Like working out – having your gear and tools easily accessible helps with this too.
I keep my kettlebell right by desk for my morning 7min exercise routine.

How about getting up early or at least on time? Try planning the night before with having your clothes out, breakfast and lunch ready and packed. Your morning will go a lot smoother!  Time to bring ease and flow into all aspects of your life!


Kandice Doucette
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