The 3 secrets on how Meal Prep is all about Self-love

The 3 secrets on how Meal Prep is all about Self-love

Self-care starts a little more basic: it starts with your food. Meal planning and meal prep is about making sure you and your fam have enough food to make it through the week. It is also about making intentional choices and being mindful of what you’re using to fuel your body. When you love yourself and your body, you have enough love flowing to give love to the important people in your life.

Meal planning is about giving Love to yourself. That can in turn gives love to those in your life!

1. By taking control of your health with your food, your way!

As you put good whole foods into your body you are saying you love yourself. That you want to be the healthiest you can be. By making your own food, you are putting your own love into it. If it is your own food you are saying I am aware and consciously making decisions to take of myself, so I can be my best for others too! With making your food you are relieving yourself of guilt and shame, as you know you are taking control of your own health.

2. By creating the WOW Factor in yourself, in the kitchen with easy meal prep hacks!

As you begin to learn new tricks, tips, hacks in the kitchen you will begin to see how amazing you are! I know that when I started clean eating at home, I was truly surprised at what I was able to achieve. I was a meal planning wiz! (And you are, too!)

Building your confidence by learning new skills and consistently using them is a pretty great way to make you feel amazing about yourself. When you’re feeling great, it’s easyto want to spread the love around. Who doesn’t love hanging out with someone happy and healthy?

3. By gaining more time to your day with meal prep habits! 

When you first start your clean eating journey with meal planning and prepping, it can feel like a lot of work. You might not be in the habit of going grocery shopping every week. You might feel like you’ve “lost” your whole Sunday to meal prep.

It’s true. Learning new things takes time, but you will soon notice that it becomes second nature. One day you’ll notice that shopping only takes half an hour because you know exactly what you need (and your pantry is super stocked up!). Then you’ll notice that you start to look forward to your meal prep time as time to spend with your partner. And, most of all, you’ll notice that making cooking your food becomes easy and fast.

You’re creating habits every time you make a meal. More than that, you’re taking back your time and being clear about what your priorities are. You’re putting yourself, your body, and your health first, and that creates space for things that matter.

So, don’t skip the facials and the massages, but remember that the food you eat is one of the most fundamental forms of self-care. From a healthy body flows a healthy mind – and that leads to health in every other part of your life

This will cause a ripple effect in your life!

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