The Four Pillars of Eating Yourself Into Good Health

The Four Pillars of Eating Yourself Into Good Health


Eating healthy and being organized in the kitchen takes a certain mindset. Here’s the mindset I have adopted to get myself into the groove of meal planning and prep.  

There are Four Pillars of eating yourself into Good Health that we follow at Epicure: 

Taste, quantity, frequency and quality.  

In sum each pillar works together to help you have control of what, how, when and where you eat!  Removing the addictive flavours like sugar and salt and adding in herbs and spices that add variety and creativity.  

Balance is key, by having a balanced plate at every meal it helps with the digestion and hangry feeling 


As promoted by Epicure: 

Taste: Taste is everything: Healthy can and should be delicious.  

You can retrain your taste buds in 6-8 weeks. 


Quantity: The secret is the right foods in a nourishing combination: 

Protein – Keeps you full and supports maintaining lean muscle mass 

Veggies – helps fill you up with lower calories, nutrient dense food 

Complex carbohydrates digest slower, keeps you full stabilizes blood Sugar  

Healthy Fats keeps you full and helps your body absorb fat soluble vitamins  


Frequency: Eat 3 balanced meals 4-5 hours apart, with no snacks 

You cause a micro fast, which gives your digestive system a rest, and promotes fat metabolism.  

Understand true hunger. It is normal to feel hungry 30 min before a meal.  

Eat mindfully. Most of us snack because we “think” we need to, not due to hunger.  


Quality:  All calories are not created equal.  

Eating ultra- processed foods promote hunger & fat storage.  

Eating real food, you cook yourself, gives your body the biggest bang for its buck. 


4 points that I focus on to help remove stress and bring ease into the kitchen are:  

Schedule time to plan your week, this means your meals too 

Taking time to take stock of last week and to plan this week can really help with alleviating that feeling like you are always super busy and have no time for the things you love to doReviewing and planning with your calendar doesn’t mean you have to be hand-cuffed to it, it means you are putting your energy into the things you want to doGive time blocking a try.  Plan meals around activities and make it easy for yourself by having it all written out and visible. 

Shop from home 

As you plan your meals review what you already have in your pantry, fridge and freezer. This will not only help with ideas, but will help with wasting less and saving you money. 

Spend time putting away your groceries 

I talk about this a lot, but it really helps with being able to actually eat everything you bought and save yourself moneyTake time to portion out your protein in servings. Clean out your fridge before getting your groceries, even just a simple see what is at the back of fridge. Wash, dry and put away your veggies in the optimal way for you. 

Plan 1 plate at a time 

The old saying one bite at time really works here too! Don’t try to take it all on at once. Start with dinner, lunch or breakfast ideas first. This applies to meal prep whizzes too! I start with breakfast plans first and get that out of the way. Then I move to dinners, as lunches tend to be leftovers for us. This works for me as every time I complete a day or a meal it excites me to complete the whole week 

Why not make it a game and give yourself gold stars for every meal planned? 


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