Top 10 Benefits of Meal Planning & Prepping

Top 10 Benefits of Meal Planning & Prepping

Do you ask yourself why bother? What’s in it for me? 

What can meal planning and prep do for me? 

I did for sure, so I researched, listened to others and then finally gave it a try. 

What I found is that I can control my health, my wallet and help others. 

Check out the top ten benefits I gained while meal planning and prepping:

  1. Saving your hard earn cash for fun things like trips and buying a home
    1. Try googling ‘Cost of eating out vs cooking at home’ and see quite a few articles on the huge gap
    2. Example our Kits are on average $4/meal  
  2. Wasting less and helping to save the environment! 
    1. If you plan what you are eating and do weekly meal prep you are always usually always using up all the food you buy and only buying what you need. 
  3. Take control of your own health 
    1. Eating whole foods and staying away from processed, preserved foods helps with removing toxins from your body, providing shining hair and nails, clear skin, helps your organs function properly and the list goes on and on
  4. Using your time for more creative outlets and having fun 
    1. Spending a bit of time at the beginning of the week, creates more time during the week for your other adventures 
  5. Mindful of what you are eating, when and how it affects you 
  6. Relieving yourself of the stress of creating a meal after a hard day 
    1. Get rid of what’s for dinner 
  7. Gaining confidence in the kitchen
  8. Learning new skills and being able to share it with others
    1. There are lots of time saving, habit changing kitchen hacks 
  9. Actually enjoying your meals during and after by making it your way, to your taste buds in your own home
  10. Providing self-care and self-love to yourself which in turn means you can provide for your loved ones with a full cup!  

Come jump on the Meal Plan and Prep Wagon with us!!

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