Travelling and Meal Prep! Yes, it is possible!!

Travelling and Meal Prep! Yes, it is possible!!

First, I would like to say it all about what you want from this trip! 

It is all about ‘flying by the seat of pants’ or is it ‘do or die’ trip? 

Each one will define your eating habits, but still you can add meal planning to your trip planning too! 

Second, these guidelines and tips can be used for all types of travel.

  • business and pleasure
  • Car, plane or train
  • Family, friends and flying solo 

Now on to the tips! 

  1. Work with your time zone changes. There are lots of tips out there about how to manage jetlag and traveling through time zones. My favourite one is napping in the afternoon, so I stay up later and then able to get up at the normal time in the morning! 
    1. Staying hydrated 
      1. Bring your own water bottle 
    2. Stick to your normal eating times 
      1. Have snacks if you know you can’t stop or will be somewhere where there is little in good food options - Snacking blog  
    3. Use your favourite trip advisors and travel apps  
      1. What’s around your accommodations and check out their menus 
      2. Make it fun, look for something new to try 
      3. Get everyone in your party to pick a meal option 
    4. If your accommodations offer kitchens or kitchenettes (fridge and microwave) Use those bad boys!! 
    5. Look for grocery stores 
      1. Grab items you can make for the meals like Breakfast or Dinner  
      2. Bring a Steamer to cook your meals in the microwave 
        1. Concerned about microwaves
        2. You can steam a full meal like Easy Fajitas or Steamy Oatmeal

Note: Looking for more Epicure traveling ideas check out my video

You may be asking why does this matter? I recommend meal planning as traveling can be hard on your body and stressful. For me any little tip or hack to bring fun into the trip I will take! 

One meal planning helps remove the stress on a trip just like at home! If you already know where a few good restaurants are and what is on the menu - the less time you are making on deciding and more time on enjoying!

Two meal planning helps you keep your body strong with picking foods that are good for you! You know what you need to eat and not eat to feel good, so why not check out where you can get it easily, so you are not disappointed!! 

Bring fun and ease to your trip, so you don’t need a vacation from your vacation! 

Looking for more meal ideas? Want to have a whole week’s worth of meals in your inbox every week? Join my Fired-up Meal plan Program today!! 

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