Why Tarot?

Why Tarot?

Why Tarot? A question I get asked, often, is why should I have a Tarot Reading? Or a statement I often hear is, "oh I don’t want to know my future I’m afraid I’ll hear something bad!"

The first thing that runs through my mind- that I often don’t voice is – but what if you learn something wonderful?! Do you not want to know about that? What if the greatest opportunity in your life, that will change your life for the better is right around the corner (and like most opportunities is fleeting and requires split second, noticing and decision making). What if you learn this, in your Tarot reading and now you know to look for it so it doesn’t slip away – would you want that Tarot Reading? I think most would say yes. Did you know when you hear messages like that in a Tarot Reading I firmly believe it’s your Angels, Spirit Guides and/or your passed loved ones whispering to me telling me things you need to know and you need to hear.

Is there some tough love thrown in there sometimes- absolutely. But it’s always from a place of love. The Tarot Cards act as conversation starters - they suggest the topic that needs to be addressed. And very often a client has come seeking one thing only to gain knowledge and insight in to something completely different. I am often telling clients that Tarot has a way of telling what you need to know as opposed to what you want to know. My mother, who had passed some years earlier came to me in a dream, while my father was battling cancer. The doctors had told us (my brothers and sisters) that we had 9 months to perhaps a year left with him. So my brothers and sisters and I were hunkering down to ready ourselves for this battle along side our father. Back to my dream – I asked my mother why she was here. She answered saying ” You know why I’m here. To take your father with me.” I responded in tears ” but we’re supposed to have him for longer”. My mom simply said ” It’s not meant to be. Three days from today it will happen “. And three days later in the wee hours of the early morning my father passed away, with all of us at his bedside. I was the last to arrive and I truly believed he waited till I got there. As soon I was there ~ he passed within minutes and I had the most life changing conversation of my life in those few moments - but that is a story for another time. And even though it saddened me greatly and it was hard to watch my father die- I was weirdly comforted and relieved by the knowledge I had gained from my dream. I am saying this because sometimes in a Tarot Reading you may receive messages that are hard to hear – but they too have a way of creating comfort and stability in your life. I often compare having a Tarot Reading to getting a weather report- not everyday is going to be sunny but it’s good to know when the storms are coming, so you can prepare for them. The future is a tricky thing. What I may “see” unlike the past has not yet been written. You can’t change the past or past actions but the future can be altered and adjusted. You can move forward, armed with your Tarot reading and adjust or completely change your path or direction. And there may be parts of the path that may be difficult to tread though (where the storm can't be avoided) as it may be the only way to go (but Tarot will act as a sort of guide to help you navigate this part of your journey and also to help you see the gift or the lesson that you will gain from this part of your quest) Not all storms can be avoided but many of them do bring rainbows and a freshness about them.

Tarot helps you get more in touch with your angels and spirit guides- they often come through very strongly in my Readings- I officially welcome them and call them in during our Reading.

Tarot helps you gain clarity. I often find Tarot has a way of acting like a magic mirror- it reflects the beauty of your life and soul. It shows you the parts you have been ignoring.

Tarot can help highlight areas in your life where you need the most improvement and can help assist you in taking the proper steps needed to becoming a better person or get rid of toxic energy and people that might be holding you back from living a quality life. Tarot can help put a light on upcoming opportunities and give you signs and even tell you the signs, that you need to specifically keep a look out for, to know your on the right path and which direction you need to take for your higher self.

If there is “bad news ” in a Reading it’s rarely all bad. But works with the natural order of the Universe and often doesn’t tell you things you don’t already know somewhere deep down in your subconscious but perhaps have been avoiding (to your own detriment). Tarot stirs up your subconscious and tells you what you really need to hear.

My job is to act as the messenger of all of this. And deliver all the news in a gentle, loving and empowering way. Reminding you that, this too shall pass. Most Tarot Readings to be quite honest are full of hope and people tend to come away with a sense of purpose and direction. Tarot Readings are not the fearful, frighting full of doom and gloom Hollywood would have you believe. Many of my readings are powerful, moving and extremely accurate. If you would like to lift the veil today ~ you can book a Tarot Reading Online with Lady Rose through Facebook. you can find me at Rhonda's Fairy Tale Parlor. See what messages are waiting for you.

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