Women’s Circles – is this for you?

Women’s Circles – is this for you?

Once upon a time, when women and men were in perfect harmony and the Goddess was revered, women met in sacred circle to support one another.  These gatherings took place to align with the nature cycles and the goddess within.  

Many of you are familiar with The Red Tent.  Women, in tune with the changing cycles of nature, would menstruate at the New Moon and would gather to rest, to be nurtured, supported and honoured.

These gatherings were banned by the Patriarchy during the burning times and women gave up these sacred pursuits.

In the late 60’s & 70’s, the gathering of women began again.

Consciousness raising groups became the backbone of The Women’s Liberation Movement.  

Today, Women’s circles have become very popular again.  There are Red Tent Circles, online circles and you will see many being held at yoga studios, wellness centres and private homes. 

What is the difference between women gathering in a social setting and women gathering in sacred circle?  In a social situation, there is no agenda or purpose other than to spend time together.  A good catch up with the girls can be a beautiful, connecting experience.  

When a circle is created as a Spiritualpursuit (consciousness, inner reflection, self-love & compassion), there is a structure for women to share, self-reflect and be supported without interruption.  

I have been part of women’s circles for many years.  Some have been very successful, and some not so.  In my experience, the ones that are successful, are the ones where the desire is thateveryone’s voice is important, there is no agenda other than to support on anotherand the purpose is self-reflection.

 As women, we heal on our own and we heal faster when we gather with like-minded women who allow the space for revelation. When we are in a situation where there is no competition, there is a hormonal response to feel safe.

One of the reasons that I became involved with Happy Healthy Women is the ongoing event entitled Authentically Connecting Over Coffee.  When I experienced thebeautiful and generous energy of support and acceptance, I knew I had found a home.

When women gather with the purpose of support, active listening and personal growth – Magic happens.

Michele Fournier is Branch Director for Toronto East.

Michele holds a monthly women’s circle in The Toronto Beaches. 

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