Kim Melhuish


Real Estate Professional

Kim moves through life with the motto of “Rising tides lift all boats”. In this, she values communities that lift others up and she is fueled by empowering people to embrace their greatness. She lives in Oakville, Ontario. She is a kid-mom of 3, a dog-mom of 2 and a wife of 1 and is grateful for all that they are. She has successfully developed many businesses, ranging from healthcare to real estate and loves helping other entrepreneurs find their confidence to establish themselves. Nothing makes her happier than to see other people win, whether it’s her clients, her family and friends or a total stranger. She is a believer in the importance of keeping things fluid and taking calculated risks towards goals. She is highly driven and focused but appreciates the value of taking time to smell the roses and to always lead with a servant-heart.

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Facebook & Instagram: @kimsellsC21

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