Nicole Moorey


Certified Master Empowerment Coach

Nicole helps women have fun being and expressing who they truly are, in life and business.

Through her international coaching business, she’s an advocate of inner, outer and outside self-care.  Her favourite way to share this is through “walk and talk” sessions, helping clients step outside their unhelpful ways while getting outside. 

Often a woman wants to focus on herself and her own wellness needs so she can give her best to her business and family, but she struggles to consistently prioritize her self-care. Through a unique blend of inner emotional empowerment and outdoor wellness practices, Nicole teaches simple, connected self-care habits that work - and last.

She has hosted over 50 wellness interviews with international peers, written for Simply Woman online magazine, facilitated numerous workshops and retreats and is honoured to be a One Woman Empowerment Academy Instructor. In her first career as a Volunteer Coordinator, she mobilized thousands of volunteers and realized her strength at encouraging everyone’s unique insights and gifts. 

 Nicole’s excited to be Thunder Bay’s Branch Director for Happy Healthy Women. She was personally craving connection with other entrepreneurial women who value their own wellness needs as much as the needs of their clients and loved ones. Now she will help create that space for herself and others, locally and globally.

When not working, she enjoys living on the shore of Lake Superior and adventuring with her husband, two children, family and friends in majestic Northwestern Ontario. 

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