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Alison Verge is passionate about relationships! A true romantic. A professionally trained Dating & Relationship/Romance Coach and Author. Mother of two amazing teen girls. In January 2015, a bad skiing accident left her with a rare incurable condition called CRPS nicknamed “the suicide disease”, ending her 20-year marriage, starting the battle of her life. From wheelchair to remission and personal exposure to the dating “jungle”, Alison seized the opportunity to transform her entire life to be more aligned with who she was and what she needed to have the future of her dreams!

Alison is on a mission to help more people find lasting love. Busy successful, professionals who don’t have time to waste on dating apps, hire her to be fully ready to overcome the obstacles of dating in order to find the Right Partner. They are tired of the usual dark path, navigating through all the weeds and dead ends with no end in sight. They have no compass to guide them, making decisions more reactive, controlled mainly by chemistry and not on true facts.

Alison works with her clients to gain complete clarity on their requirements for a fulfilled relationship through an in depth look at everything that drives them, including the influence of all past and present relationships. Clients learn exactly what they need for long-term happiness, how to get it and most importantly – they no longer sit back passively and let others decide whether or not to choose them. They understand the importance of attraction but also of information gathering and paying attention to red flags and their inner voice. They gain the skills to become confident, competent CHOOSERS and never settle for less than they deserve!

Through her programs, Alison provides all the resources required to ensure clients are able to attract and keep the right partner for a relationship that lasts!  

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