Maria Conde


Life & Business Coach

Maria is a Life and Business Coach helping the multi-passionate entrepreneur that is feeling unfulfilled and stifled to break internal barriers, step into their purpose, create a business that matters and drive massive impact.

She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur herself, life-long learner, goals setter, manifester and achiever!   Leadership is Maria’s Superpower!  From the time she was opening and closing a Dairy Queen® at the age of 15 to Leading large teams of CPA’s she always found herself in a leadership role.  With multiple coaching certifications and years of business experience as a CPA, she empowers other women to be the leader and CEO of their own life.

She is also a best selling author and host of the Leap to Freedom Show Podcast.

Maria’s coaching career began in nutrition and health coaching and so when the opportunity to be a director in HHW arose, it was a natural “Yes" for her!

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