Emily Pike

Relationship Transition Coach


Emily Pike is a passionate Relationship Transition Coach, helping people determine what they truly desire from the relationships in their lives and supporting them to outline a path to getting there.

Whether it’s a partner, a friend, a family member or colleague, our relationships are always shifting and changing – and we need to respond to that change.

Using a process where both coach and client come to the table with an open mind and heart and a willingness to shift perspectives about an issue to overcome challenges, Emily guides clients through co-creating the relationships they desire.

For those looking for help with something other than relationships, Emily can still help! As a certified life coach backed by ICF accredited training, Emily can help you on any journey.

With the right support, you can go a lot farther than you ever thought possible.

When not coaching, Emily is parenting her two beautiful children who are two and seven, and running her artisan business from home. Emily also has a small zoo at home consisting of a dog Finn, a cat Spencer, and two budgies named Captain and Sailor all of whom she loves almost as much as her human kids.

Learn more about Emily and her business:

Website: coachemilypike.com