Laetitia Chononsoi
Toronto Central, ON


Laetitia began studying traditional Amazonian medicine in 2010, followed by some time immersed in the Amazon rain forest. She studied with different Shipibo Shamans in Europe and Peru, becoming familiar with many Amazonian and European plant teachers. 

She lived in the Amazon jungles of Peru for 7 years, as well as with the Mayan tribes, in Mexico.  Over the years, she improved her techniques in traditional medicine in the Shipibo community, and in different Centers of Traditional Shamanic Medicine.

Laetitia also co-founded a Shamanic Healing Center, specializing in Amazonian plants, in Tarapoto, Peru in 2015, and lead several Shipibo, Cacao and CBD retreat groups in Peru and around the world. She loves to honor the divine feminine by leading women's circles and has been womb healer since 2016.

As a certified Reiki Master and Sound Healer, Laetitia uses different instruments (drums, harps and crystal bowls) for working with the vibration of the body: the chakras, and all the energies of healing. Laetitia likes to create a bridge between all alternative medicine and spirituality.

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