Amritha P.

Health & Habits Coach

Amritha is a Forensic Scientist-turned-Badass Health and Habits Coach. She prides herself on being a versatile human who creates a positive impact on everyone around her. She supports clients from different parts of the world raising awareness, clarity, and direction to help them become the best version of themselves.

Amritha works with professionals who don't find time for themselves or have lost their momentum on things they want to pursue. They feel stagnant, lack balance and do not take care of themselves emotionally, physically and mentally. They want to be more productive but don’t seem to be getting there because of inconsistent habits. She inspires them to build healthy and sustainable habits towards consistently achieving their daily goals.

After working with Amritha, her clients were able to successfully break bad habits and build healthy and sustainable ones. They broke free from the chains of procrastination and worked towards self-management of their time and improved productivity. Moreover, her unique morning routine has left many energized and resilient to face their daily challenges.  

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