Elvira V. Hopper

Founder of The Love Your Vibe Transformation

Elvira V. Hopper's 'Crap Magnet 2 Miracle Magnet' Story includes her leaving an award winning 6 figure Big Pharma career, through a blessed mental breakdown, to live her 'Authentic Act 2' in her late 40's. She is now an award-winning pro jazz artist at 51... she gets to coach, speak, inspire & record on worldclass stages with and for celebrities!

Elvira is the self proclaimed poster child for "It's Never Too Late To Live The Live Of YOUR Dreams"! As a Miracle Mindset CoacHealer... She helps other heart-centred midlife humans make the REST of their life the BEST of their life...and so they don't die with their REAL MUSIC still in THEM. The 'Way' that saved her life at rockbottom, has now become a global movement helping heart-centred humans do their Inner Work of healing & growing...which is facilitated by her beautiful team of Light & Shadow Worker leaders who also serve with their OWN transformations based on their unique Story, Message & Magic on her powerful personal development platform. At 60...she claims to not work a day in her...and her life is JUST beginning!

She wants this for the WORLD!

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