Carole Filion is a multi-talented entrepreneur and mindset coach who has had a diverse and fascinating journey in her professional life. She has successfully ventured into various fields, constantly reinventing herself along the way. From her background in technical education to becoming a marketing expert, recording artist, music theatre actor and director, and even a trained wine connoisseur, Carole has explored a wide range of interests and passions. However, Carole's extensive corporate experience and the pressure of maintaining a Superwoman persona eventually took its toll, leading her to experience severe burnout. This challenging period turned out to be a valuable gift, as it prompted Carole to reevaluate her life and shift her focus towards helping others create the life they truly desire.


Carole is particularly dedicated to working with individuals from what she refers to as the "bookend generations" - baby boomers and millennials who are at pivotal points in their lives. She assists them in uncovering their unique strengths and capabilities, empowering them to design their future chapters intentionally rather than simply reacting to circumstances. With her vast personal and professional experiences, Carole brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to her coaching practice. She is passionate about guiding her clients through the process of self-discovery and transformation, enabling them to unlock their true potential and create fulfilling lives on their own terms.


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