Cynthia Roemer

Feminine Power Coach & Spiritual Mentor

Trained in unconscious mind tools such as NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and a Teacher of Magnified Healing and Hypnosis

After a career in non-profit creating international Legacy Programs to support 1000’s of men and women looking to get back into employment, Cynthia’s spiritual acceleration led her to start a new legacy and expand her feminine energy, supporting female healers and lightworkers to get out of overwhelm, trust themselves again and expand their mission. Cynthia’s super power is her intuition, helping women see what’s hidden and providing them the awareness and courage to powerfully create change. 

Having been trained in some of the top mind-body hypnotic tools, she has helped 1000’s of women awaken to their truth, ignite their passion and create BIG changes in their life from creating and accelerating business growth and align with relationship fulfillment.

Having been a former ‘Rescuer’ herself, she has become an expert in understanding women’s unconscious beliefs and behaviour that sabotage their dreams, and helps them work through the limitations and fear that hold back their power and accessing their divine spiritual feminine energy, the biggest part of manifestation.

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