Lynda Dennis

Certified Travel Consultant

Lynda has been a Certified Travel Consultant since 2010 and loves the industry. 

She learns more each time she travels. More about the geography; the history; the culture and the food of the destinations she visits.

She’s had many opportunities to visit exciting destinations. She believes experiences like these enrich her life and broaden her focus.

She’s dined in a medieval castle in Italy and ridden a camel in the Sahara Desert. She has felt the intense emotion of the Normandy Beaches in France and viewed the spectacular beauty of the Rockies while travelling on the Rocky Mountaineer train.

She finds great pleasure in sharing her stories with others and making clients’ travel experiences more memorable.


When not travelling, Lynda spends time with her husband Todd and family. She enjoys gardening, cooking, crafts, and she’s also working to improve her French languages skills.

Lynda has worked in a Travel call centre and a retail Travel agency.  Since 2017 she has worked from home and enjoys the flexibility and convenience this offers for her clients.

She joined CWT Vacations in April 2021 and can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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