Wendy Sinclair

Artist & Designer


Wendy Sinclair is a Toronto-based artist and designer who specializes in fine art and coaches the basics of art and design for entrepreneurs and micro businesses so they can own their aesthetic and voice, and run with their own marketing materials and website maintenance.

Wendy facilitates art as an accessible and transformative tool to connect individuals to their true selves, organizations to their dedicated people, and businesses to their customers. 

Her 4-series workshop “The Art of Getting Better” connects women to their creativity, and introduces art-based activities for the purpose of creating better, more long-lasting, more authentic self care routines, and light-hearted exposure to the elements of art in a fun, non-judgmental, creative environment.

Website: https://wendysinclair.net/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendy-sinclair-60814717/

FB: Wendy Sinclair

Instagram: @wendy_ascendy   


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