Esther Sarlo

Founder | CEO | Myndful Spark of Mynd Myself

As a voice for the body’s role in healing and wholeness in the universe, Esther is an entrepreneur, facilitator, speaker, and writer who is passionately committed to making it easier for you to connect to trusted Complementary, Holistic, and Integrative (CHI) Health information and Practitioners so you can live…and speak…your most authentic life.

By visiting the FREE Mynd Myself website and exploring Healthcare Approaches definitions, Practitioners’ Profiles (including recorded interviews), Blogs, Podcasts, and additional Resources, you will discover a centralized source of information that can help YOU become your own best health advocate. Mynd Myself saves you time and energy, reduces frustration, and creates ease in your health journey.

Mynd Myself features experienced and outstanding Complementary, Holistic, and Integrative (CHI) Practitioners who are actively expanding their reach to women 40-55+.

As the cornerstone of this game-changing project, Esther is excited to be the catalyst for creating this beautiful space where healing, connections, and collaborations can emerge.

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