Founder/CEO of Downsized Design

As a former mindset coach, Kelly-Anne understands the emotional journey of decluttering and creating a functional space. With her expertise, she helps clients transform their environment for a more personalized and stress-free lifestyle.

Kelly-Anne understands that downsizing is more than a physical process. Her compassion combined with her real-life experience has not only enriched her approach to design and real estate but has also made her a guiding light for women as they move through this transformation from one chapter to the next. 

Kelly-Anne offers a comprehensive service that goes beyond the traditional scope of a realtor or a designer. Her approach is holistic, ensuring that each client's new home reflects their personality and lifestyle. This journey isn't just about space; it's about embracing change, letting go, and welcoming new beginnings with style.

At Downsized Design, Kelly-Anne’s mission is clear: to turn the challenge of downsizing into an opportunity for reinvention, freedom and joy. Through her unique blend of design savvy, experience as a realtor, and mindset strategies, she guides her clients in transforming their smaller spaces into their favourite places.


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