Thể Oanh Nguyen


Oracle & Multidimensional Transformation Coach™



Thể Oanh, pronounced like Tey'One (a.k.a. Oanh 'ONE') is an eternal student, animal lover, humanitarian, environmentalist & a multifaceted artist with an insatiable appetite to create beauty in many forms. She is a certified Image Consultant with over a decade of experience as a highly skilled makeup artist & hair stylist, who specializes in inner & outer beauty.

Growing up Thể Oanh struggled with the absence of self-love, no one to look up to, then having to fully support & guide herself right after high school at the age of 17. Her adversities led her down a dark yet sacred path of soul-searching at a very young age.

After experiencing undeniable phenomenons throughout her life, Thể Oanh answered her calling & committed to developing her psychic abilities. Almost 10 years ago she began her journey with Tarot & Oracle card readings, to further support those who seek clarity.


Over the past 8 years, Thể Oanh dedicated her life to creating a special coaching service that has never been offered in its totality before, until now. She trained to become a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and certified Life Coach. She combined her uncanny intuition, passions, her greatest skill sets, and invaluable soul lessons, to help guide her clients through a total life transformation.

Thể Oanh is an Oracle, guided by her Fierce Guardian Angel, she offers Spiritual Guidance as well as Multidimensional Transformation Coaching™. She is passionate about holding safe space for her clients to embrace their Divinity, as to gain unwavering confidence, look sophisticated & feel sexy through her Thrive Evolution Method™. This process uses Sacred Geometry as a blueprint & compass, to consciously create a balanced life you love & deserve.

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