The Wellpreneur 30

plant-based wellness for women in business

30 Days to Nourish Your Mind, Body & Business

Is This For You?

Most women who decide to jump in with us for the Wellpreneur 30, do so because they are experiencing the following:

In their body...

Feeling Tired and Sluggish

Brain Fog or Lack of Clarity

Bloating and/or Discomfort

Chronic Inflammation and/or Arthritis

Trouble Losing Weight and/or Keeping It Off

Constant Cravings

Menstrual Cramps & PMS


Skin Issues

In their business...

Lack of Clarity & Consistency

Lack of Inspiration and/or an Empowering Community

Inability to Manage Time

Trouble Converting Clients & Making a Profit


Everyone is different, however these are some of the benefits previous participants have seen in their own lives.

- Clarity in Mind, Body & Business

- More Energy, Motivation & Inspired Action

- Better Sleep & Digestion

- Clearer, Glowing Skin

- Reduced Pain & Inflammation

- Less Bloating & Weight Loss

- Sustainable Habits that are Easy to Maintain and Feel Great

Wellness & Business Go Hand in Hand

Our Focus & What's Included


1. Clean, Plant-based Eating

- Meal plans, recipes & shopping lists provided, along with an education around the plant-based lifestyle and why/how it will serve you.

2. Increasing Nutritional Intake

- Whole foods, vegan supplements provided in a customizable package, to help you fuel your body with what it needs to function optimally.

3. Small Habits Creating Massive Change

- It's a lifestyle, not a diet. You'll begin implementing habits that are simple, enjoyable, and sustainable.


1. Three Months of the Wellpreneur Club included at no extra charge

2. Community

- You're not alone. You'll join a group of committed women entrepreneurs who also see the value in optimal health when it comes to their success.

3. Mastermind Meetings & Group Business Coaching

- A weekly group meeting focused on growing your business, achieving your goals and breaking through barriers.

With Natalie Colalillo

founder & ceo of happy healthy women and Plant-based lifestyle & Business coach

Learn more about natalie

"Everything about Natalie screams happiness, health & success. Her business coaching has helped me create more profitable months, and her health coaching has helped me change my mindset & lifestyle." - Minerva Maharajh, goddess of wisdom spiritual life coach

Ready to Reset? Here's a Recap:

You'll get

- Three Months of the Wellpreneur Club (option to continue at $19/month)

- 30 Days of Plant-based Meal Plans, Recipes & Shopping Lists

- Complete and Customizable Package of Whole Foods, Vegan Supplements

- Weekly Group Chats, Business & Wellness Coaching, Mastermind Meetings and Community

- Tools, resources and templates to move you toward optimal wellness & success.