Are you an empath?
April 01 2020 10:00

Are you an Empath? Empaths are people who feel a lot of emotions, their own and other people’s. It can be challenging when this is your nature and you don’t know how to use it as your gift. I’ll describe the characteristics of empathic people so you’ll be able see if this is you or if it’s someone you know. Lastly, we’ll end with some tools to help you use your abilities as a gift instead of it being a curse. Join me. Presenter: Dr. Yendre Shen is a naturopathic doctor and Bowen therapist, who helps people recover from ailments by establishing healthy life habits and using natural medicines and therapies. She’s been practicing for 18 years and has treated many conditions, from allergies to cancer. She helps people sort out the confusion they feel about their bodies and symptoms. The body speaks to us through pain, whether physical or emotional, when it wants our attention. Identifying what needs to change for the person to be healthy is where deeper healing can begin. She helps people regain their confidence to listen to their bodies and trust their intuition to know what’s best for them; to make good decisions.