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Mirror Affirmation Decals

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Surround yourself with messages that move you from "Maybe not today." to "All day, everyday!" Each theme is tailored with three different messages curated for those who want to be more calm, more playful or more confident.

These Affirmations will set you up for success.  As you say these messages you tune yourself to who you want to be. Each pack of decals have three different messages and are themed, Cheeky, Confident or Carefree. Removable and reusable, these 6x7 decals are perfect for windows, mirrors, laptops or walls.


Carefree Messages : Hello Lovely XOXO - Life Loves Me - I Am Living With Grace And Ease

Confident Messages : Let's Do This - I Am a Magical Manifestor - I Am Creating Greatness Today!

Cheeky Messages :  Hello Darling - I Love Being Me - I Am Amazing At Everything And Anything I Do  


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Carefree - Blue
Confident - Gold
Cheeky - Pink

Category: Inspiration, Mindfulness