Happy Healthy Home - Interior Spaces - KITCHENER
March 06 2020 13:00

Freshen your interior spaces for personal and business success! Presented by Laura Radcliffe _____________________________________________________________________ With Spring around the corner, it's time to freshen your interior space and get set for success! Does your home or office make you feel excited and engaged in your life, or does it somehow hold you back? Do you stress about feeling the need to de-clutter? Do you love your stuff, but just don’t feel great about it in your space? Do you want to know how to best set up your furniture and belongings in your space? Do you want your home or office to feel as exciting as your goals in life – or even have it inspire new goals? In this workshop, you will learn tips and tricks that will help you create spaces in your home or office that serve you and your life's goals, and make you feel great! Perfect for: -Entrepreneurs & anyone who works from home or a personal office -First-Time Home Owners -Anyone wanting to de-clutter or organize (or anyone who feels resistant to doing so!) -Anyone preparing to sell your home -Anyone going through life changes (new career, new relationship status, empty nesters, new baby, new home, etc.) -Anyone needing a fresh charge of energy in your home or office! Cost of the workshop includes coffee, tea, beverages, as well as a take-away gift to help you get started in your organization process!