Ingredient Awareness Discussion - Happy Healthy Women Coqutilam
March 31 2020 19:00

Harmful ingredients are in our everyday products that we are absorbing and are effecting our health. Which ones are they? There has been recent discussion about certain ingredients that are in our everyday skincare, body care and make up products that are harmful to ourselves and the planet. Hard to recall which ones they are? If you are interested in learning about what they are and what you can do going forward to be healthier and make a change for the planet, then this MeetUp is for you. During this presentation, the following information will be shared: - what are the top ingredients to watch out for in your personal care products and learn how they affect your body and the planet. - we will look at a few main brands' labels and identify ingredients so you can learn how to recognize them. - what is a B Corp certification and what impact will it have in the future. - what are some small changes that you can make in your home today that can impact your health and the planet positively. Bring a notepad and pen as you will want to take notes. There will be a hand out with some additional references for you. Invite a friend to join you to come to this informative MeetUp. You will leave feeling confident on what to look out for when reading labels for your personal care products. Hope to see you there. Terri B.