Janice Brown

Founder/CEO of Flow and Go Yoga



Janice is the founder and CEO of Flow and Go Yoga - an online yoga platform that helps you thrive. Always passionate about health and movement, Janice studied kinesiology before becoming a critical care respiratory therapist. Along the way, she did her yoga teacher training at Yandara Yoga Institute but recognized that traditional yoga offerings didn’t suit her shift work/busy lifestyle nor was yoga presented well for different body types, ages, abilities or even genders.

Now, she makes it easy for everyone to feel great and be energized. She created Flow and Go Yoga - an all-access yoga platform that provides quality yoga and instruction for everybody in manageable 20-minute flows. Everyone deserves to feel great in their body because when you feel your best, you do your best and feeling your best should be easy and attainable.

Outside of yoga and respiratory therapy, Janice spends her time outdoors with family and friends and loves any new adventure.


Learn more about Janice and her business:

Website: flowandgoyoga.com

Category: Coquitlam BC CA