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Water Affirmation Labels

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Ready to unlock more abundance, joy and greatness?

Better for you then cucumber in your water!  Each triple layered, reusable label has a quality on the front that you would like to increase in your life, and a matching affirmation on the back that can be seen through the bottle. Hydrate the Yogi in you.

As described in Dr. Masaru Emoto's "Hidden Messages in Water" and other water studies, you can infuse your water with intention! Each double sided label has a different quality or feeling on the front, and a matching affirmation on the back. No matter what way you look at the label, you're focusing powerful vibrations into your water that become instilled in you when you drink it.  Works best on clear glass water bottles. Each pack of three semi-permanent labels are themed, Cheeky, Confident or Carefree and are 3 x 3 inches in diameter.




Symbol : Lotus Flower

Messages : Abundance - I Am Abundant In All Areas of My Life

Courage - I Am Choosing To Take Risks And Dare Greatly

Confidence - I Am Clear and Confident No Matter What



Symbol : Flower of Life

Messages : Greatness - I Am Stepping Out In My Greatness!

Shine - I Am Shining Bright Today

Beauty - I Am Gorgeous Inside And Out



Symbol : Om

Messages : Freedom - I Am Living My Life With Grace & Ease

Joy -  I Am Feeling Joy In All Situations

Love - I Am Giving And Receiving Genuine Love

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