Leanne Weaver

Certified Holistic Nutritionist



Leanne is a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health Transformation and Breathwork Coach.  She believes that health is the foundation for living your best life, that true health requires a mind, body spirit approach, and that they are all interconnected. 

Leanne spent 25 years in the corporate world as an Engineer and Project Manager before starting her health coaching business full time.  Now, she specializes in empowering professional women and entrepreneurs to transform their physical, emotional and spiritual health so that they can live the life they love!

Leanne’s holistic approach incorporates emotional work, energetic work with crystals and essential oils, and physical healing with nutrition and stress management education.  

Breathwork is Leanne’s “secret weapon” to help her clients achieve lasting health transformations from the inside out.  It is a powerful tool for releasing stress, stored emotions and limiting beliefs, improving energy, mental clarity, and so much more!

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