Liz McGregor

Meditation Practioner & Yoga Teacher


Having been a competitive skater and avid athlete growing up Liz has always understood the importance of physical activity in terms of strength, endurance, and resiliency. You fall, you get back up. At the same time, even at an elite level, especially 40 years ago, the time and support given to mental and emotional health was not recognized as an equally if not more important part of the athletic journey.

Until recently, Liz I had spent most of her life suffering from anxiety and depression, leading to addiction. The idea of looking for emotional, mental, and spiritual support was foreign. 

Checking herself into rehab she credits two incredible Doctors that supported a need for people to utilize yoga and mindfulness for healing. It was then that Liz’s yoga and wellness journey started. Almost 5 years ago, before her 50th birthday.

Yoga changed Liz’s life. She started to move, to heal, to grow and to get stronger. Day by day. Halfway through that first year Liz bought a yoga studio, then expanded to 2 studios, and took her 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training. At 53 she was the healthiest, strongest, and most emotionally stable she had been her entire adult life.

Liz’s goal is to bring the power of yoga, movement, and self-awareness to all those people out there who have their own journey that needs to be supported. It’s never too late, you’re too old, or too young to start a routine of good health for all key areas of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Following the impact of COVID Liz willingly chose for a myriad of reasons, to move PŪR (pronounced pure) fully online to offer a new style of online teaching that supports students and their growth, in their own safe and secure environment.

Liz is certified as a meditation practioner and holds her 300-hour yoga teacher training certificate. Previous to moving to yoga and movement and is currently undertaking studies for mindfulness training. Liz spent almost 30 years in politics and government, leading large and small teams in strategic planning, legislative and regulatory reforms and communications and issues management.

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