Reiki 1 for the Heart-Centered Coach
April 30 2020 10:00

Learn Reiki to up-level your heart-centered coaching practice! This is a Reiki Level 1 attunement course specifically for a heart-centered coach who is ready for personal growth to be able to support her clients better. You will learn how to fill your energy cup You will learn how to protect yourself from negative energy You will learn to tap into your intuition ... and much more. About the facilitator: Nasreen is a Reiki expert certified by Japan Reiki Association and registered teacher with Canadian Reiki Association. You can learn more about Reiki at our other event "Experience the Energy" or watch for her video within our fb group to find out if this is the right time for you to learn Reiki. "Me first, then everyone else!" Not selfish but because it is important to fill your cup first, before you can help others.