Reiki Level 1 class
March 26 2020 10:00

Reiki Level 1 class Dates: Feb 22 Sat 10am to 4pm Feb 25th Tue 10am to 4pm Mar 14th Sat 10am to 4pm Mar 26th Thu 10am to 4pm We combine the teachings of traditional Japanese Reiki with western Reiki as taught in Japan by the Japan Reiki Association. We teach Usui method of Reiki that originated in Japan in its original simplest form. Japan Reiki Studio follows the same syllabus and text books (English versions) that is taught in Japan. There are three levels of learning: Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II, Reiki Level III. Teacher's course is also available if you wish to teach Reiki but you must pass an eligibility exam before taking the course. Each level comprises of an 8 hour course that includes lecture, practicals, attunement, practice session and home assignment. The attunement and lecture with practiclas portion of the course is generally completed in one day and at least 1 hour of practice session at a later date. The lecture and attunement for each level may last a day, but it is only the begining of your Reiki journey with us. We will work together and support you through your Reiki journey. Prerequisite for Reiki Level 1: Willingness to learn and practice Reiki on a daily basis. For details visit