Soul Sister Conversations: Deep Connection Cards

100 thought-provoking questions to foster authentic connections.

Authentic connections are forged when women get vulnerable and share their stories and deep emotional experiences with other women.

Soul Sister Conversations Deep Connection Cards will help you create a space where you can inspire, share vulnerably, and have honest conversations about what it means to nurture, and sustain deeper relationships with ourselves and others. 

Is this card deck for you?

You are not interested in small-talk, and crave deep, meaningful conversations.

You are someone who yearns to reach out to those around you and form genuine connections.

You want to build a community of like-minded women who are there to support and grow alongside you.

You want to invest in real friendships and strengthen your close relationships.

You want to live authentically, share your voice and take ownership of your story.

You want to talk about deep things, scary things, real things, vulnerable things.

You want to tap into your inner wisdom through thoughtful introspection. 

How are the cards best used?

If you’re a community builder who wants to create authentic connections within your group, you can use the cards to inspire meaningful conversations.

If you’re a facilitator who loves to host women's circles, you can use the cards as prompts for authentic sharing throughout your gathering.

If you’re looking to deepen the connections in your circle of friends, you can use the cards to host your own gathering and create a safe space for courageous conversations.

If you’d like to form a deeper connection with yourself, pick a card on your own and write down your thoughts and feelings towards the prompt in a journal.

What's included in the deck?

Our Deep Connection Cards cover 4 categories:

DESIRE: 25 prompts to connect to your “why”. Explore your wants, needs and desires.

GIVING BIRTH: 25 prompts to connect to your creative power. Explore creativity, goals and career.

THE SHADOW: 25 prompts to connect to your shadow. Explore the parts of yourself you tend to reject; judgments, fears, and insecurities.

INNER WIDSOM: 25 prompts to connect to your inner wisdom. Explore the lessons and experiences that made you who you are.


What is an unreasonable desire you’re sure you cannot have?

How has your definition of beauty evolved over the years? Do you feel that you are growing more or less beautiful?

What did you yearn for growing up that your parents did not give you?

What are you tolerating, or pretending to like, from duty or obligation?

Who in your life have you been judging harshly?

Who or what is the greatest love of your life? What did they teach you? 

What is something you want to say to a loved one? What has stopped you from doing so?

100 cards with box / Instructions included.

This isn’t just a card game; it’s a gateway to genuine sisterhood.