Understanding Boundaries (HHW North York)
March 25 2020 10:00

Understanding Boundaries Boundaries are imaginary lines we’ve drawn or not drawn that’s serving us or not. Identify what you’re protecting or not protecting. What are you’re letting in and what you’re keeping out? Clear boundaries help you to know what and who to give your time to. Understanding consent and choice. Do you know your intentions? Can you tell other people’s intentions? What is it that you want to keep sacred and integral? When you answer these questions, you’ll be clearer to prioritize and safeguard what’s important for you to focus your time and energy on. Host: Dr. Yendre Shen is a naturopathic doctor and Bowen therapist, who helps people recover from ailments by establishing healthy life habits and using natural medicines and therapies. She’s been practicing for 18 years and has treated many conditions, from allergies to cancer. She helps people sort out the confusion they feel about their bodies and symptoms. The body speaks to us through pain, whether physical or emotional, when it wants our attention. Identifying what needs to change for the person to be healthy is where deeper healing can begin. She helps people regain their confidence to listen to their bodies and trust their intuition to know what’s best for them; to make good decisions.