Wordpress 101
March 18 2020 13:00

Start your own website, and learn how to upkeep it! Presented by Jane Veska of TrulyYouWebDesign.com _______________________________________ This is a workshop for those wanting to start their own website on the Wordpress platform, which is the most popular and versatile platform. Also, learn how to update and upkeep your site, if you already have one! Please bring your laptop, this is a hands-on event! Topic 1: Themes 1. Free vs Buying: Which is better? 2. How do I know which theme to use for my line of business? 3. How to modify Footer content. 4. Setting my default home page and blog page: Why do I need to do this? 5. What is a site icon and how do I add one? Topic 2: Web page builders 1. Which page building tool should I use? 2. How do I install a page builder? 3. How to create pages with content. a. Page title/slug name. b. Publish vs Draft c. Specifying a Parent Page vs No Parent: What does that mean and when would I specify a parent page? 4. Creating a simple menu. I. Navigation Label vs Page Title. II. Adding new pages to an existing menu. III. Modifying menu page order structure. 5. Previewing site on multiple screen sizes pre-launch and post-launch.