Zero Waste Starter Kit - Eco-friendly Set

Brand: EcoBox


  • 🍃ZERO WASTE STARTER KIT. Made From Zero Waste and Reusable Products. Stainless Steel Straws, Travel Cup, Bamboo Toothbrush and much more, the Perfect Eco Gift Box & Zero Waste Set by EcoBox
  • 🍃ZERO WASTE GIFT: An eco friendly, zero waste eco gift set for those who love zero-waste, or need a little help getting started on their zero waste journey
  • 🍃REUSABLE AND PLASTIC FREE: All of our products can be used time and time again, they are easy to clean and completely dishwasher safe, they are made from sustainable products that have been ethically sourced.
  • 🍃 ECO FRIENDLY, SUSTAINABLE & BIODEGRADABLE: Our cotton mesh grocery bag will last for hundreds of grocery visits. Our bamboo toothbrush and carry case are made from long lasting biodegradable bamboo. Our Beeswax Wrap Set (3 piece) is great for food storage. Sticks easily to bowls, or use to store snacks and sandwiches (great for bread storage). 
  • 🍃 NATURAL AND ORGANIC: Our bees wax wraps are an eco friendly food wrap, 100% natural and made from organic cotton fabric, bees wax, tree resin and jojoba oil. Our grocery bag is made from organic natural cotton also.

Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.0 x 4.0 inches

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