5 Questions to Lead Yourself into a Fulfilling Career This Year

5 Questions to Lead Yourself into a Fulfilling Career This Year


In just a few short months we’ll be basking in the summer sunshine and before we know it, we’ll be sipping champagne & wishing each other Happy New Year all over again. We’ll be wondering where the last 365 days went and what shiny new opportunities the upcoming year will bring.


If you’re anything like me, a new year puts me into planning mode. BIG TIME. I know that without a plan, I’m setting myself up for stress and missed opportunities.  So, I always start a new year with goals for where I’d like to take my career next.

Here are the 5 career planning questions I ask myself so that I can create my own version of a fulfilling career with purpose, focus, and intention. 


1) What do I love most about my work today?

I think back to my last few work days and make a list of the tasks, meetings, activities that I’d do over and over again if I could. These are the things that give me life & take me into the zone. How can I do more of these?


2) If I had a magic wand, which parts of my work would I make disappear?

It’s also important to know what drains my energy too.  Again, I go back through my last week or two and list the tasks that leave me feeling worn out. Can I do less of these?


3) What do I want my career to look like on December 31, 2018?

If I look back at the end of the year, what must have happened in my work life for me to feel it was a heck of a good year?


4) How will I feel when I bring this vision of my career to life?

Will I feel successful? Excited? Accomplished? Blessed? I capture all the feelings.


5) What’s one thing I can do in the next 24 hours to move myself forward?

Take action! One step leads to the next, and then to the next. I create quick forward momentum toward your goal right way.



Can you do this too? Pull out your journal. Put pen to paper and shake out your answers to these 5 questions. That’ll help you nail down where you are, where you want to go, and what you can shift to help you get there.


I’ve learned that one of the keys to career fulfillment is doing a regular self-check. Review your answers at least once/quarter to see if you’re on track and make shifts where needed.


Having a fulfilling career is definitely with reach. It happens through deliberate action and intention. Create your plan and have fun getting busy bringing it to life. Your career & life will thank you.




Cindy Harvey is a Career Strategy Coach and Founder of Amelia Dee, a career strategy company for women. Cindy’s helps corporate career women learn how to make the next phase of their careers the most fulfilling version they’ve ever had.

Cindy is happy to be a Happy Healthy Women Toronto West, ON Trailblazer.




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sali samir
sali samir

April 29, 2024

Time indeed has a way of slipping through our fingers, and your reflection on the speed with which the first 60 days have passed is a poignant reminder to seize the present. The anticipation of summer and the cyclic nature of the New Year evoke a sense of both reflection and forward-thinking.

Your proactive approach to entering planning mode at the start of a new year resonates strongly. The acknowledgment that a plan is not just a roadmap but a shield against stress and missed opportunities is a valuable insight. Your [willingness to share](https://www.sunnyweight.com/2023/11/entrepreneurial-success-and-balanced-well-being-management.html) the five career planning questions you personally use adds a practical and relatable dimension to the article.

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