An Affirmation to Accept Love...

An Affirmation to Accept Love...


It's always amazing to me, how easy it is for me to self-sabotage!

How quickly I can see what is missing and point out what I am lacking!!

Unfortunately the same is true with the amount of love I believe is in my life - too often I focus on the love I think I am missing, feeling an emptiness that I assume can only be filled by the love and validation of others.

But we all know that we find the things that we are looking for - so, when we look for what is missing that is what we find.

Every time I spend my energy focusing on my perceived lack of love I build a wall that blocks out the love that is available to me!


"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi

And every time I spend my energy making others responsible for making me experience the love I crave I place a burden on my loved ones that is too heavy for them to carry. (And when others place that responsibility on me it is a burden too heavy for me to carry as well!)

Things change for me when instead of looking for more evidence of missing out on love I began to break down the barriers I had built against receiving it.  I am constantly surprised at how much love my life is full of when I change my focus and when I begin to accept that I am already loved beyond belief!

Breaking down barriers starts in a surprisingly easy way!


It all starts with changing the questions that we ask!

So often we get answers we don't like because we ask questions that take us in the wrong direction.

We tend to ask:

"Why don't I deserve love?" instead of "How can I show love for myself right now?" or "Where can I see love right now?"

When we ask the question 'why don't I deserve or have love in my life' our minds simply get busy finding the answer - and the answer not beneficial! We find answers like: "I don't have love in my life because no one cares about me, or I am unlovable, or because I (fill in the blank)"

But when we ask a question like 'Where can I see love right now' we notice the kindness of a stranger, or the smile that the cashier gave us, or the small act of service a loved one did for us!


Different questions give us different answers which then allows us to see and feel different things!

So as we enter February - the month of LOVE - here is an affirmation we can use to open our hearts to the love that's already there for us to accept:

"I allow myself to feel all the love I need. I break down any barrier that I have to the love available to me!'


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