Leadership, Impact, Passion, Purpose: Do you make a difference?

Leadership, Impact, Passion, Purpose: Do you make a difference?

 Do you make a difference?


Nobody said making a difference was easy, it can be simple, but it ain’t easy.


To us, at Katy Loewen Co. that’s what leadership means, making a difference.  We know that leadership encompasses many things, but ultimately, it’s influence, and making a difference.


The cool thing about Strength/Leadership Coaching, is that we all have these incredible, natural talents, you know, stuff that we are good at naturally.  Or stuff that really makes our heart sing…but yet all too often we are forced to work in areas where we don’t shine, where we don’t vibe really high….where we don’t’ excel.


Perhaps our life’s circumstances dictate this, bills to pay, we don’t have the courage or the means to make a change, perhaps things have changed beyond our control, or we are just stuck.


Being stuck sucks.


There is something powerful that happens when you uncover, discover and start really living and leading in your natural strength zone.  It’s magical, it’s validating, it’s exciting, it’s exhilarating, it’s rewarding, it’s contagious, it’s beautiful.  


Weakness schmeakness.  Listen, we all have them, we know we have them.  But let’s not obsess about them, or point them out, or lose your coconuts by spending half your life trying to change them.  Instead, simply acknowledge them, manage them and move the heck on.  It’s all good.



As a Strengths Coaches, we keep it real, and you’ll hear us say this often, 'we help discover more of who you are, not who you are not’.


So, even if you are stuck, or feel you can’t possibly make a difference due to your circumstances, know that you can. You most certainly can.


I encourage you to tap into your strengths today, become keenly aware of the areas in which you can make a difference.   If you are in charge of a team, if you are a co-worker, a volunteer, a parent, a friend… ask someone to tell you about their weekend plans – and actually LISTEN to their response.  If someone comes into your office and needs something, lift up your head, put your phone down and actually listen. Let someone KNOW how they impacted you this week. This is leadership.  


Today,  I’ve decided I’m going to rock my Woo (my favourite strength!) today and really embrace my place.  


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